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Teddy Thompson veröffentlicht am 29.05.20 sein neues Album Heartbreaker Please. Der Titeltrack zum Album feierte am Valentinstag seine Premiere im American Songwriter Magazine. Laut Thompson entstand der Song nach einer Trennung: “When you find someone that seems ideal, it’s easy to be untrue to yourself in order to try to match that ideal,” but, reflecting on Shakespearean wisdom, added, “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove.”

Zwanzig Jahre nach dem Thompson in die USA gezogen ist, erfindet der Sohn von Linda und Richard Thompson sich mit seinem Werk Heartbreaker Please, künstlerisch neu. "It was easier to leave it behind and go somewhere new to announce myself as a musician, rather than explain to all the people who’ve known you since you were a kid,” he says. “And you can actually [do that] in America, step off the plane, say 'my name is whatever'.”

Während das Album vom Ende einer Beziehung aus dem wirklichen Leben erzählt wird, könnte es aus Thompsons Perspektive auch als eine Projektion seiner Beziehung zu New York City gesehen werden, dem Ort, den er für den größten Teil der letzten zwei Jahrzehnte sein Zuhause genannt hat. Als Mitglied der britischen Musikdynastie, die zunächst von seinen legendären Eltern Linda und Richard Thompson geleitet wurde, verließ er mit 18 Jahren London und zog in die Staaten, um sich fünf Jahre später in New York niederzulassen.

"At the time I was just taking a long vacation that never ended,” he says. "I wanted to reinvent myself and it was easier to leave it behind and go somewhere new to announce myself as a musician, rather than explain to all the people who’ve known you since you were a kid. And you can actually reinvent yourself in America, step off the plane, say 'my name is whatever'." 20 Jahre nach seiner Auswanderung in die Staaten, steht Teddy Thompson mit seinem neuen Album Heartbreaker Please als souveräner Künstler an der Spitze seines Fachs.

“I guess I sound like who I am,” Thompson says, “which was probably embossed on me by the 1950’s American sounds that were with me in my childhood.” From a young age, Sam Cooke, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, and the Everly Brothers made up the bulk of his listening, from which diverse listening habits later spun out. “As a teen I couldn’t talk to my friends about 50s music, so Crowded House was the first contemporary band I really found,” he says. “Today I’m rather catholic in my taste in music, paying attention to whatever I hear around me,” he says. “I listen to opera, country, 80’s stuff like A-Ha and the Proclaimers, always picking up bits of everything.”

Nach der Veröffentlichung seines selbstbetitelten Debüts im Jahr 2000 ging Thompson als Teil der Band Roseanne Cash auf Tournee. Seitdem hat er fünf Alben veröffentlicht, mit seinen guten Freunden Martha und Rufus Wainwright zusammengearbeitet, an zahlreichen Tribute-Projekten mitgewirkt und Alben für die amerikanische Sängerin und Liedermacherin Dori Freeman und seine Mutter Linda Thompson produziert.


Musikalisch führte es Thompson mit Heartbreaker Please wieder zurück zu den Songs aus den 50er Jahren. “I’m completely enamored with the three-minute pop song. Maybe it’s conditioning if you hear enough of it, but the brevity of those songs, I thought it seemed perfect to me,” says Thompson. “Those songs emerged at the beginning of a certain type of pop music, where the song itself was important and would live on. If it was great, people would cover it. So I am still drawn to that, trying to be succinct and witty, but also cut to the heart in a matter of two or three minutes. I’ll never write a song as good as Chuck Berry’s ‘Maybelline’ or something by the Everly Brothers, but that’s the touchstone for me.”

Die Songs auf Heartbreaker Please erzählen von einer Person die Thompson das Herz gebrochen hat. Als Thompson die Songs für das neue Album geschrieben hatte, endete die Beziehung.

“I was dating an actress at the time and living a strange sort of existence. As an artist you can get used to being in the spotlight, but in this relationship I sort of became the +1 and I was skirting around doing my own thing.”

“I tend to write sad songs, slow songs - it’s what comes naturally,” says Thompson, “so it’s a natural fit with the subject matter, but here, even where the subject matter was kind of sad, I’d set it against a soul beat, give it sort of an uplifting feel.”

“I feel like all these years here have made me a New Yorker, but twenty years in New York can weigh you down. There’s nowhere like it, but it can be exhausting.” Like the Everly Brothers did with “Bye Bye Love,”.


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