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Rock Creek Music-Thirty Tigers/Alive



Eclectic Canadian artist Lucette has announced the May 17 release of Deluxe Hotel Room via Rock Creek Music/Thirty Tigers. Produced by Sturgill Simpson, Deluxe Hotel Room takes the traditional roots sound showcased on her 2014 debut and amplifies it by adding ethereal ambiance and emotive resonance to a foundation of R&B, pop and soul. Lucette’s cutting, honest lyrics are informed by life experiences in love, loss and battling inner demons as she comes into her own both personally and artistically.


Lucette, whose real name is Lauren Gillis, released her striking Dave Cobb-produced debut Black Is the Color five years ago, showcasing her stirring vocals and engrossing, illustrative storytelling. She captured the attention of critics and fans alike with her breakout track “Bobby Reid”, a sauntering murder ballad that was featured on the Netflix special Nanette and has since garnered over 4-million Spotify streams to date. Influenced by legendary songwriters and fellow Canadians Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, Lucette crafted a style that leaned more toward Americana. She spent the next several years developing her writing and live performances, while seeking to expand her sonic palette and touring with artists including Simpson, Mason Jennings, Joe Ely and David Ramirez. Her collaboration with Simpson pushed her sound even further, by incorporating synth lines, drum-machine beats and soulful saxophone tones to create a style that keeps one foot firmly planted in tradition while the other takes a giant step forward.


Deluxe Hotel Room is an impressive sophomore effort that finds Lucette digging deeper to deliver a richer, bolder sound as she explores the depths of loneliness and the enduring strength that comes from reaching the other side. The hauntingly vivid imagery she once crafted on murder ballads has evolved into poignant, evocative depictions of the rawest human emotions. From the dream-pop sequence on “Angel” to the marked intensity of “Out of the Rain” and the gripping meditation on mental health in “Talk to Myself”, Deluxe Hotel Room is as vulnerable as it is empowered. The album employs understated yet expansive arrangements and enchanting melodies that allow space for Lucette’s confident vocals to be placed front and center.


On Deluxe Hotel Room, Lucette is in control. With cathartic confessionals that avoid clichés, she conquers fear and adversity while continuing to discover who she is as an artist. These songs will resonate with anyone who has experienced the darkest of life’s moments, offering a sense of solace and solidarity as she finds her own inner strength and inspires others to do the same.


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