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Die Australier Earth Caller veröffentlichen am 19.01 ihr neues Album "Crystal Death".

Die fünf Mannen aus Melbourne kombinieren den Hardcore-Spirit von Bands wie First Blood, Terror und Madball mit moderneren Sounds aus dem Metalcore. Vor Punk Melodien in Richtung NOFX und Bad Religion wird ebenfalls nicht zurückgeschreckt.

Sänger Josh Collard kommentiert das neue Werk "Crystal Death" wie folgt: "Lyrically this album is far more personal and emotional. Sonically it’s heavier, faster and more melodic. Honestly, the band has never been more proud of a body of work than we are of this album and judging by the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve already received when we perform new material live - it appears the fans are into too!"

Heute schickt die Band einen ersten Song samt Video als ersten Vorgeschmack ins Rennen. Josh Collard über den Song: "This song is about a bit of a messy break up I had and the process of how it came to unfold, I was a bit of a mess myself at the time and more or less realised that we were both guilty of similar things which is why Sophie Jest (who features on the track and acts in the videoclip) sings the chorus back at me in the bridge."

Earth Caller - Fall ft. Sophie Jest:


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