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Mit seinem neuen und 11ten Album hat sich Beans On Toast an etwas ganz anderes gewagt. „The Inevitable Train Wreck“ ist eine peppige, altmodische Rock´n´Roll Platte über die besorgniserregende trostlose Zukunft der Menschheit, die auschließlich mit analogem Equipment aufgenommen wurde.

Inspiriert von musikalischen Ikonen wie Chuck Berry und Otis Redding sowie modernen Denkern wie Noah Yuval Harari und Greta Thunberg, ist das Album ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Beans und Lewis & Kitty Durham der beliebten Familienband Kitty, Daisy und Lewis. Beans schrieb die Songs und Lewis und Kitty schrieben die Musik. Produziert wurde das Album in den „Durham Sound Studios“.
Die erste Single „World Gone Crazy“ verdeutlicht die Intention der Platte. Im Text heißt es: “On the brink of extinction in the age of anxiety everywhere you look is another catastrophe.”

Bei der Aufnahme sowie beim Mixen und Mastern wurde kein einziger Computer verwendet. Das Album hat zwar ein Übergreifendes Thema, ist aber keineswegs ein Konzeptalbum. Der Inhalt spiegelt nur das wieder was Beans On Toast im vergangenen Jahr beschäftigt hat. Ein Lied handelt sogar von einem Tag an dem Beans seine Lieblingsgitarre Martin verlor.

“Life is ridiculous, it is hilarious, it can be dangerous and sometimes even tedious. But it’s resilient and it is beautiful and I believe in it. Long may it continue”

Beans über sein neuestes Werk:

“Lewis and Kitty are musical geniuses and I’ve never known anything quite like it. I was singing into a microphone that Lewis had built himself, that was plugged into a whole array of vintage equipment he’d salvaged and saved over the years, which then all went into a mixing desk he’d built out of an old piano lid. On top of knowing how to build this equipment, he knows how to use it all and after presenting him with my songs, he had a clear idea of how he wanted them to sound. This sound was brought to life by Kitty, who played guitar (built by Lewis, obviously), bass, drums, percussion and harmonica throughout the record. One of the most soulful musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Every note she plays oozes with feeling. She makes it look so easy!”

“My last album was about the world on my doorstep, mainly focusing on the birth of my daughter and my family life. For this record, I turned my attention back out towards to world, and it didn’t look good. The 6th mass extinction of life on earth, divisive politics, the rise of Artificial Intelligence. It was all looking pretty bleak to be honest, and that’s what I started writing about. If the songs were gonna have this apocalyptic outlook, I figured it would be better to present them in a happy way, and came up with the idea of making a rock ’n’ roll record. Soon as the idea struck I knew who to ask. I’ve been a fan of Kitty Daisy & Lewis for a long time and first met them back in my Nambucca days when they were kids. Fate came into play and I bumped into Lewis on a train last year.”


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